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Video of the Day #684

The visual effects in Wiley’s new video “Flying” seem pretty simple, but they make an already exciting track look absolutely thrilling. It’s not a daydream.

Kano gets wild

Grime fans from the early days (i.e. 2003-5) have been watching aghast, mostly, at many of their MC heroes jumping ship to cheesy electro-pop. It has been a very succesfull transformation of grime’s fortunes, but it has also marked the economic failure of the UK’s most exciting musical scene of the last decade. One MC who has been holding out on crass crossover success, has been Kano. Which is a little bit surprising, as he seemed to hold the most commercial promise back in the day. Kano’s style as a rapper is crispy clear, ready for mass consumption even on his debut solo single, “Vice Versa (Boys Love Girls)” (2003).

I’m not sure if “Get Wild” is going to bring Kano the level of succes that some of his peers (Dizzee Rascal, Tinchy Stryder, Tinie Tempah, Roll Deep, Wiley) have been enjoying. If it’s any consolation, it is a better record than any of these people have been putting out lately. “Get Wild” is taken from Kano’s forthcoming (30 August) fourth album, Method to the Maadness. It’s #nowplaying on our electro playlist.

Instead of looking at the Euro holiday dancefloor, “Get Wild” has its eyes set on Jamaica, the land of Kano’s grandparents. The track is produced by German techno producer Boys Noize, another surpising turn, and features dancehall MC Aidonia and another (former?) grime giant, Wiley. Together, the four of them mesh up their influences into a striking, high calibre track that promises well for Method to the Madness. The album will also feature collaborations with Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz) and drum ‘n bass duo Chase & Status (both of whom have worked with Kano before), as well as synth-pop group Hot Chip.

Kano’s branching out as much as anybody. But he’s doing it with style.

Here he is, performing with Gorillaz alongside Bashy, earlier this is year on the BBC’s Later… with Jools Holland.


Wiley and Hud Mo report to the dancefloor

One of the weirdest records around right now is “Electric Boogaloo (Hudson Mohawke Remix)” by UK rap supremo Wiley, #nowplaying on 22tracks’ electro playlist. I haven’t heard the original version yet (it’s not out until June 28), but I have a feeling that Hudson Mohawke has stretched it quite a bit. The Scottish producer has been associated with both dubstep (thanks to his Tweet refix, “Ooops!“) and, infamously, the grandiosely named aquacrunk scene. Last year’s wonderful Butter album established Hud Mo as one of Europe’s most adventurous producers—whatever you want to label his sound.

Wiley has found himself in a similar conundrum, about six years ago. “Wot Do U Call it?” was his hilarious response to the confusion surrounding his style of post-garage music. Eventually we settled on grime. And now all the grime stars are making electro-pop. Hudson Mohawke is looking ahead, starting off his Wiley remix vibin’ on an r&b groove that sounds like it’s about to launch into some Omni Trio style jungle, insteading opting for funky Carribean drums, moving back to the smooth r&b with Wiley rapping over a bunch of clapping 808s, before chipmunking him up to infinity.

Now, let’s practice our electric boogaloos!


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