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22tracks and Internet Explorer team up to bring
you a completely new online music experience

Discovering music has never been easier.

Choice is fine. Curation is better. It is this philosophy to music that has made 22tracks one of the world’s leading and internationally acclaimed music websites. Today, we’re excited to announce 22tracks and Internet Explorer partnered to bring you a completely new online music experience, with an immersive and beautiful touch‐first website that lets music lovers listen to and explore new artists and genres. Discovering music has never been easier.

The concept behind 22tracks is simple: 22 local top DJs from cities like Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Paris share their genre’s 22 hottest tracks of the moment. Each city boosts its own team of specialized DJs bringing you the newest tracks in their genre. In Amsterdam, you have Nicky Romero curating the city’s house playlist. In Brussels, Lefto is curating the Global Sounds section. Meanwhile, in London, Bicep is running the deep disco playlist, and in Paris, you can listen to the best jazz selected by China Moss. Ranging from hip hop to deep house to tropical, this musical discovery service is the perfect guide in a crowded musical landscape to discover new tracks, promote new artists and explore new genres – with each DJ bringing his or her own flavor to the table, and every city its own unique musical vibe.

Vincent Reinders and Gilles de Smit founded 22tracks on the 22nd of October 2009. “We solve a major problem: what should I listen to now?” says Reinders in an interview. “For most people this can be an ongoing daily quest. Especially nowadays, with catalogues of more than 20 million songs available, the demand for curation and music discovery is higher than ever. I think 2014 will be a great year for us to grow and get more people to use our service.”

Microsoft - 22tracks Twitter2

Now, 22tracks and Internet Explorer have teamed up to bring the best of music, design and technology together in a completely new online music experience to explore and share the music you love. For starters, the new HTML5-­‐website is completely optimized for touch, with a music control panel that lets you play, pause and scrub through a track using touch. Meanwhile, an interactive audio visualizer is running in the background showing stunning visuals by continuously adapting to the rhythm of the music and your touch interactions ­‐ just tap and hold, swipe and drag the ‘blobs’ as you listen and see what happens. What’s more is that you can easily switch between the disc-view and playlist‐view, by using the icons in the top­‐right corner, resulting in a seamless and hands­‐on music experience.

Microsoft - 22tracks Twitter1

Next, we’ve made the website fully responsive so 22tracks is working perfectly on any device. This is especially handy on smaller screens like phones or tablets, as the website design will automatically detect the device you’re using and adjust the interface accordingly. The music, in other words, is put front stage. Whatever device you pick-­‐up, your tabs and favorites are there for you, right where you left off. The result is a completely new and innovative way to explore new artists and find new songs, whether you’re listening to your music on your pc, laptop, mobile, tablet or even your Xbox.

Microsoft - 22tracks Twitter3

Lastly, the site takes advantage of many features in Windows that make it feel like an app: you can pin your favorite tracks to the Windows Start Screen, share tracks using the Charm Bar, or save and listen to a track later using the Reading List app in Windows. Can’t stop listening to that one new favorite song? Easily download it from a wide variety of music stores, including Xbox Music.

With the new website, 22tracks joins the ranks of other Rethink Experiences like Red Bull Rampage, Hover and Contre Jour in pushing the limits of what’s possible on the web today by using IE11 and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

We’re proud to say the 22tracks we all love is ready for the future of online music and we encourage you to take a look for yourself at The website runs smoother, the design is fresher and the funk, well, funkier. So whether it’s the newest craze or your city’s local gem, with the new 22tracks all the latest songs and artists are literally at your fingertips. Anytime, anywhere and on any device. It’s new music: the easy way.

[Dutch] 22tracks op UPC Horizon

De muziekdienst 22tracks is toegevoegd aan de Appstore van Horizon van UPC. In deze bekroonde music discovery service geven gerenommeerde dj’s uit Amsterdam, Brussel, Londen en Parijs in 22 verschillende genres een eenvoudig overzicht van de allerbeste nieuwe muziek. Achter de schermen werd er de afgelopen maanden hard gewerkt aan hun compleet nieuwe website, mobiele applicaties en deze speciale TV-app.

Vincent Reinders, creatief directeur van 22tracks: “Speciaal voor de Horizon Mediabox is er een compleet nieuwe gestripte variant van ons platform gebouwd. Hierbinnen is het gebruiksgemak geoptimaliseerd voor de afstandsbediening en ligt de nadruk meer dan ooit op de strakke visuele ervaring van een bewust beperkt muzikaal aanbod. In plaats van een overkill aan miljoenen tracks aanbieden, serveren wij een nauwkeurige gefilterde voorselectie van nieuwe kwaliteitsmuziek waarvan we zeker weten dat de Horizon-gebruiker nog veel plezier gaat beleven. Bij uitstek geschikt tijdens huisfeestjes of lui onderuitgezakt op de bank: kies je genre en 22tracks regelt de rest.”

Directeur Content bij UPC, William Linders, licht de Appstore verder toe: “De Horizon App Store is een verbreding van onze TV diensten. We richten ons op de categorieën video, muziek in combinatie met beeld, gaming en social media en zijn blij dat we met 22tracks de TV-beleving voor onze klanten kunnen verrijken.“

22tracks and Internet Explorer team up to bring
you a completely new online music experience!


Have we got news for you! We have teamed up with Internet Explorer to bring you the best of music, design and technology in a cutting edge, app-like online music experience that is perfect for touch and works on any device. This collaboration opens up ways for everyone to enjoy 22tracks on any device they like: whether it’s your tablet, smartphone, computer or even your Xbox One, you can listen to 22tracks in a beautiful new way. We created a gorgeous touch optimized HTML5-experiences that explores touch technology, audio visualizers and a new interface. It shows just what the web can be, or in other words, in what ways you can enjoy 22tracks!

The new experience is completely optimized for touch browsing, allowing for a fast and fluid web experience on any type of device. What immediately strikes the eye is the “disk” – a music control panel that lets you play, pause and scrub through the track or playlist easily. This way you can discover music even easier than before. So whether it’s the newest update in Brussels, Paris, London or Amsterdam, the platform will always look and feel great in this whole new way of using 22tracks. Perfect to play around with, to view it as an interactive screensaver, to use on your tablet or phone, or just to discover new genres, artists or tracks – this optimized site is everything you’ll need. Anytime, anywhere and on any device, the motto is more true than ever: new music, the easy way.

Visit on any device and be amazed by what the web can be and get a taste of our new website!

‘Open internet for Europe’


To: Members of the ITRE committee / European Parliament

The undersigned streaming companies believe that an open internet is a fundamental to protecting consumer interests and innovative services in Europe.

The European Commission’s ‘Connected Continent’ Proposal is laudable and a good first step to protecting Internet consumers. However, a stronger vision on the open internet and net neutrality is needed for Europe to achieve the important goals set forth in “Connected Continent.”

We understand that certain incumbent operators have called for regulatory flexibility to offer specialised services. The text’s current approach unnecessarily impairs the open internet, resulting in a weaker consumer protection and in serious impediments for the innovation of services and start-ups in the European market. The policy outcome this body should pursue is one where consumers experience an increasingly speedy best-efforts connections to the Internet, without regard to whatever rules are adopted defining specialized services.

We hereby call on you to amend the Proposal in such a way that specialized services are defined narrowly, to ensure that European consumers experience all the benefits of a truly open internet.

Netflix, SoundCloud, Rdio, 22tracks

(download orignal letter – PDF)

Video of the day #765 #766 #767 #768

Like Molly, “Roxanne” appears to be a girl’s name for some kind of drug. New York duo Cable are hanging out in a dive bar with a dealer behind the counter. There’s a cameo for Devonté Hynes of Blood Orange, who produced the track.


Two men (a father and a son?) haunt this dark, violent and frankly disturbing video from Spanish band TERRITOIRE. “Blanc”‘s skewed perspective and bleak colours add to the mystery.


Two young boys doing what young boys do: play, fight, do gross stuff, climb trees, dream. Make sure to stick around for the last scene of British composer/musician Adrian Corker’s new video “Interdependence”.


Instead of a sermon, this congregation is treated to a choreography set to “I Kill Giants” by New Zealand band The Naked And Famous. I don’t know if it’s the Holy Spirit, but something’s definitely taken hold of these two dancers

Interview: 22tracks – Record Of The Day

Vincent Reinders (Founder / CCO) was interviewed by Record Of The Day. Read the full interview here.

Video of the day #718 #719 #720

PUP’s gigs are so rowdy that the Toronto band needs to bring a professional medical team along to patch up and even resusciate the band members in their hilariously violent new video “Reservoir”.


In his new video “Sh!t”, Atlanta rapper Future comes to South Central Los Angeles to meet with some OGs and track down a guy he has unfinished business with. He drives around in a hearse, to give you an idea of his intentions.


Here’s a ballrooom with about two dozen immaculately dressed guests, moving around to “Ego Free Sex Free” by New York artist Autre Ne Veut. Did you notice the guy in the grey suit?

22tracks x Le Batofar Recap

See how we party in Paris!
A few weeks ago we had a great night at Le Batofar featuring several 22tracks Paris DJs and special guests Giles Smith (Secretsundaze – 22tracks London) and Chez Damier (Detroit). Big up to everybody who came down!

Want to join our next party in Paris? We’ll be celebrating one year of 22tracks Paris on September 22nd (of course) at La Bellevilloise Ménilmontant. More info & tickets:

Top22 #10

Every Friday we present the latest number ones of our Top22 charts, the most trending tracks on 22tracks!
For this week we got three cities with the same number ones as last week. So let’s start with the city where something changed at the top.

Paris is the only city with a new number one, this time we got Jeni with a track that’s probably covered thousands of time. But her version of ‘Suit & Tie’ is the cream of the crop, it is again a track from JP MANO’s Soul/R&B section. Proving that he got the taste you all appreciate.

In Amsterdam you can still find the funky edit of Blackstreet’s No Diggity by Bondax on top of the chart, it was selected by FS Green& Full Crate for their Soul playlist.

Last week he could say that he was the first artist with an exclusive as number one for the Top22 in Brussels, this week he can say that he’s the first artist with an exclusive as number one and that for two weeks in a row. Yes Brihang is still ruling Brussels with ‘Periode Jalisco.’

We’re guessing Reggae is quite popular in London these days because Fat Freddy’s Drop is still on top with ‘Blackbird.’ Proving (again) the excellent taste of Real Roots, because the guys picked this tune a few weeks ago for their Reggae section in London.

Enjoy our Top22s and remember that you, the listener, can influence these charts. Start listening, add it to your My22, share it via Facebook and/or Twitter and see your favorite track climb to the top of the charts!

Relax Paris

We’re proud to announce you ‘Relax’ as new genre in Paris, the playlist will be curated by Soulist and the guys of Le Mellotron (as joint curators). They will be selecting music that crosses all genres with the sole purpose of staying cool and Relaxed. Welcome aboard guys:

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