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Chicago singer Willis Earl Beal (with his face disguised) recruits believers for his rather strange Church of Nobody. “Coming Through” is a duet with Cat Power Sun, who (fortunately for her) doesn’t participate in this “journey towards enlightenment”.


I’m guessing Pussy Riot hadn’t planned it like this, not with all this real violence, but the Sochi authorities beating and whipping (!) them during the making has turned “Путин научит тебя любить Родину” (‘Putin will teach you how to love the motherland’) into a video about making a video in an oppresive environment. The lyrics (translated on the YouTube page) deal with the sentencing, tomorrow, of the suspects in last year’s Bolotnaya square case.


Clap your hands and say yeah to “Peppermint”, the dazzling new Julio Bashmore animation video made by Noah Harris. Life, sex, death and the secrets of the cosmos, it’s all here.


Dutch singer Sofie Winterson finds beauty in garbage in her new video “Said and Done”. Even her outfit remains spotlessly white.


Foreign princes try – in vain – to woo Egyptian pharaoh/sorceress Katy Perry in the goofy “Dark Horse”. Juicy J appears from a sarcophagus, not prepared to adhere to the dresscode much.


A young woman remembers herself as a fat teenager when meeting up with an old highschool crush in “Sons”, the latest video from Parisian band Concorde. It’s based on the work of American illustrator Jonny Negron.


“Yumeno Hajima Ring Ring” (‘my dreams are beginning, ring ring’) is a touching song about saying goodbye to your childhood, and school in particular (“goodbye teacher, my friends”). Japanese kawaii star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is off to an even more wonderful world.

Video of the day #862 #863 #864 #865

Black magic brings a lover back to life in “Klapp Klapp”, the new Little Dragon video. Sometimes you have to take drastic measures when your mailbox remains empty on Valentine’s Day.


The boy-meets-girl video for Norwegian producer Cashmere Cat’s “Wedding Bells” looks like the trailer for a modern love story. It’s peppered with mostly not-too-serious internet quotes.


Dutch singer Thomas Azier keeps a woman locked up in his new video “Verwandlung” (‘transformation’). With good reason, as a black market blood dealer finds out. The video is billed as an homage to Claire Denis’ 2001 film Trouble Every Day.


A couple of hippies go to Peru and bring along a mysterious boombox in “True Colors”, the new video from American duo Abuela. The sound of a golden crystal is calling, but I also hear what appear to be a synth-panpipes.

‘Open internet for Europe’


To: Members of the ITRE committee / European Parliament

The undersigned streaming companies believe that an open internet is a fundamental to protecting consumer interests and innovative services in Europe.

The European Commission’s ‘Connected Continent’ Proposal is laudable and a good first step to protecting Internet consumers. However, a stronger vision on the open internet and net neutrality is needed for Europe to achieve the important goals set forth in “Connected Continent.”

We understand that certain incumbent operators have called for regulatory flexibility to offer specialised services. The text’s current approach unnecessarily impairs the open internet, resulting in a weaker consumer protection and in serious impediments for the innovation of services and start-ups in the European market. The policy outcome this body should pursue is one where consumers experience an increasingly speedy best-efforts connections to the Internet, without regard to whatever rules are adopted defining specialized services.

We hereby call on you to amend the Proposal in such a way that specialized services are defined narrowly, to ensure that European consumers experience all the benefits of a truly open internet.

Netflix, SoundCloud, Rdio, 22tracks

(download orignal letter – PDF)

Video of the day #860 #861

The actual song “Void You Out” by California punk icons Off! is only one minute and three seconds long. That would make for a very short music video, so director Jason Farrell takes a little time out to meet each of the band members.


Nicki Minaj is letting you know she has no time whatsoever for the sorry excuses for men that seem to hover around her. She’s also pulling out some impressive guns in “Looking Ass Niggas”, should they somehow miscomprehend.

Video of the day #858 #859

A boy and a girl spend the day outdoors in “A Light Above Descending”, the latest video from British Sea Power. It looks like any romantic outing, until he takes them to a mysterious hollow tree. Wait for the end!


Director Michel Gondry has built a charming, multi-purpose décor for British band METRONOMY. They play “Love Letters” in the studio, on the stage and on your laptop all at the same time.

Video of the day #854 #855 #856 #857

After a boy is zapped from his skateboard, he is taken around town by a pretty fortune teller in “Love Sublime”, the new Tensnake video. Nile Rodgers plays along on a TV Screen.


A couple of kids find a man lying half in the water. Is he dead? Seriously passed out? They manage to get him in a shopping trolley for UK band Nimmo and the Gauntletts’ bleak new video “Jaded”.


The National Staring Competition is pretty tough. You try and not blink when sat across from one of the attractive people in Dan Croll’s new video “From Nowhere”. Truly, the English singer is a champ.


Good luck trying to make sense of “Run”, the latest video from Detroit duo Dale Earnhardt Jr. One thing I will say: not for a second will you be bored watching it, you voyeur you.


Video of the day #850 #851 #852 #853

American singer St. Vincent is transfixed at a screen you can’t see in a world without windows. Both the artist herself as well the general aesthetics of “Digital Witness” look absolutely stunning.


What’s not to love about Korean girl group Spica? Their new video “You Don’t Love Me” knows how to have fun while keeping the retro styling never less than impeccable.


Dutch band Go Back To The Zoo display a sound sense for the absurd in their new, fittingly crazily titled “(I Just Wanna) Milkshake” video. All that fast food (and an apparent obsession for oversized, underage boobs) may be slightly less healthy.


A long-haired couple visits the local meat and fish market in “Pulsing”, the new video from Scandinavian artists Tomas Barfod and Nina Kinert. They appear in love, but the girl has something sinister in mind.

Videos of the day #847 #848 #849

Notice how British singer Kwes. has a plug in his neck while he is singing “Rollerblades”. After an unfortunare accident, his rollerblading friend Juan Tocino has to finish the song.

Dutch So You Think You Can Dance winner Danny dances through the city of Rotterdam in “Hear How My Heart Beats”. Singer Jacqueline Govaert is the blonde sitting by herself in Restaurant Hamburg.

Stood-up stud Dave Macklovitch from Chromeo and janitor Chaz Bundick from Toro y Moi get seduced by a bunch of pretty mannequins in “Come Alive”, their new video. Security officer Patrick Gemayel is having none of it.

Video of the day #845 #846

New York City cabbie Dennis and his girlfriend/wife Lois live in a rock ‘n roll memorabilia museum of their own making. They talk about their life together in “New York Morning”, the new video from UK band Elbow.

It’s ‘bring your own cat’ night when a very special aerobics instructor comes to town in “Untitled”, the new video from UK producer Paul Woolford. It gets pretty competitive out there.

Video of the day #844

This is not strictly a music video, but it almost could’ve been. It’s Katy Perry in goth attire, stepping out of a crystal ball and pole dancing around a witch’s broom, with Memphis rap legend Juicy J appearing from behind a demon animal in “Dark Horse”, performing last night at The GRAMMYs.

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