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[Dutch] 22tracks op UPC Horizon

De muziekdienst 22tracks is toegevoegd aan de Appstore van Horizon van UPC. In deze bekroonde music discovery service geven gerenommeerde dj’s uit Amsterdam, Brussel, Londen en Parijs in 22 verschillende genres een eenvoudig overzicht van de allerbeste nieuwe muziek. Achter de schermen werd er de afgelopen maanden hard gewerkt aan hun compleet nieuwe website, mobiele applicaties en deze speciale TV-app.

Vincent Reinders, creatief directeur van 22tracks: “Speciaal voor de Horizon Mediabox is er een compleet nieuwe gestripte variant van ons platform gebouwd. Hierbinnen is het gebruiksgemak geoptimaliseerd voor de afstandsbediening en ligt de nadruk meer dan ooit op de strakke visuele ervaring van een bewust beperkt muzikaal aanbod. In plaats van een overkill aan miljoenen tracks aanbieden, serveren wij een nauwkeurige gefilterde voorselectie van nieuwe kwaliteitsmuziek waarvan we zeker weten dat de Horizon-gebruiker nog veel plezier gaat beleven. Bij uitstek geschikt tijdens huisfeestjes of lui onderuitgezakt op de bank: kies je genre en 22tracks regelt de rest.”

Directeur Content bij UPC, William Linders, licht de Appstore verder toe: “De Horizon App Store is een verbreding van onze TV diensten. We richten ons op de categorieën video, muziek in combinatie met beeld, gaming en social media en zijn blij dat we met 22tracks de TV-beleving voor onze klanten kunnen verrijken.“

Video of the day #945 #946 #947

An extremely colourful bunch of people support South African producer Nozinja in his new video “Tsekeleke” (Zulu slang for ‘fat person’). Learning this dance is going to take some practice, whatever your weight.



Many a felt tip pen was used up in the creation of this hand-drawn trip to the open water. UK band Metronomy’s new video “Reservoir” takes you on a psychogeographic journey.


A group of Belfast boys hit the town on a Friday. You almost didn’t come because you’re too tired. But then the DJ drops “Half Light” by Wilkinson and your eyes meet someone else’s and in you’re in for an unforgettable night.


Video of the day #941 #942 #943 #944

Canadian New Yorker Kiesza released her awesome one-take “Hideaway” video back in February and the song recently hit Number One in Denmark and the UK. I only found out yesterday though. Better late than never!


Hot for 2014: freckles. Also hot for 2014: Usher shirtless behind a drumkit. This whole “Good Kisser” song and video is very hot for 2014 really.


You are listening to “Sleep Sound” by Jamie xx. The deaf people dancing with artist Sofia Mattioli in the song’s video are not, they are imagining what it sounds like. Turn off the sound and join them.


11-year-old American dancer Maddie Ziegler delivers a stunning performance in “Chandelier”, the new video from Australian singer (and songwriter to the stars) Sia. A rundown apartment cannot contain her

Video of the day #934 #935 #936 #937 #938 #939 #940

Merrill from tune-yards is the host of an entertaining Saturday morning TV show with all kinds of fun and interesting segments. From science to food to dancing to sport, “Water Fountain” has got it. See you again next week, kids!


“My Sad Captains”, the new Elbow video, spends an afternoon with the girls and boys of Manchester’s Didsbury Theatre School. Aah, aren’t they adorable.


A woman wakes up alone at the start of “Grow”, the new video by Irish duo Ryan Vail. The song is about someone who died, and she has to move on. Her friends take her out for a daytrip.


Three friends meet up to, well, dance around in their underwear and paint gold on each other. After the sun has gone down, they free Virginia rapper GoldLink from the balcony to complete their ritual in “Ay Ay”.


A scary serial killer tries to redeem himself in search of a better life in “I Don’t Wanna Be an Asshole Anymore”, the new video from American band The Menzingers. He almost gets there.


For Little Dragon, being on tour is a lot less glamorous than you may think. Their new video “Paris” shows the Swedish band en route in a old transit van, stopping only at the most mundane locations.


A young boy disrupts a pagan community in “Galaxy Punk”, the new video from Californian band Sleepy Sun. One cult member isn’t happy with the intruder’s spell over his girlfriend.

Video of the day #929 #930 #931 #932 #933

Three sculptors work on an art project in a gallery. For the opening, they’ve invited Dutch musician Falco Benz to perform “Hat Tricks”.


“Marilyn Monroe” is Pharrell Williams’ ode to women, and there are lots of them in this video. All kinds of women—all of them pretty, thin and young. He can not help who he’s attracted to.


Late one night, Armand Van Helden and A-Trak come across a very interesting infomercial. Initially sceptical, the Duck Sauce guys can’t resist ordering a bottle of NRG, ‘the everything gel’.


What is your aspiration in life? Almost five months after her visual album dropped, Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts” has come to YouTube. Everyone’s had some time think about that question.


“Streaker”, the new video from American musician TOBACCO, starts as a commercial for a massage parlour. Ultima II guarantees you’ll have a great time. Do you dare enter one of its rooms?

Video of the day #924 #925 #926 #927 #928

“I Blame Myself” is a personal song about Sky Ferreira and her public image (as a troublemaker, I think, I’m not sure, she may also be exaggerating, as is her right). The black men in her video are also not what they may appear to be, although I’m not sure they should blame themselves, too.


South Korea’s Waveya dance group show off their versatility in a video produced for Belgium’s B-Classic – Festival van Vlaanderen. They’re shaking their thing to “Allegro con Fuoco”, the fourth movement of Czech composer Antonín Dvořák’s famous Symphony No. 9 from 1893. You’re hearing Herbert von Karajan’s 1985 recording with the Wiener Philharmoniker.


Happy Easter! Join the celebrations with L.A. singer/model/performer Actually Huizenga and a tattooed Jesus in “Baby Love”. The song is a cover of a 1984 single by the Hungarian-Italian former porn actress, recording artist and parliamentarian Cicciolina (who appears in archival footage).


The new video from US band Real Estate has undead skateboarders, cermanic figurines *and* a ‘tribute to yesteryear’ in it. Let director Tom Scharpling explain to you how this came to be in “Crime”.


Everywhere she goes, a woman is confronted by perfectly colour-coordinated Hamburg duo Parasite Single. Having been stalked by the song, she finally gives in to “The Hunt” in a Korean restaurant and karaoke bar.


Video of the day #921 #922 #923

A girl should be able to traverse the city without her creep-o-meter flashing all the time. Construction workers, soccer dudes and business dads can’t keep their mouths shut in “Hey Girl”, the new video from Seattle band Tacocat.


Ah, to be a teenager in smalltown England and be in love with your best friend’s girlfriend. Feel what it’s like in “Midnight on the Hill”, the latest video from Maximo Park Official.


The young people in a dead-end desert town find release in the art of dance in “So Now You Know”, the new video from UK band The Horrors. Singer Faris Badwan lends them a tune.

Video of the day #917 #918 #919 #920

You have to wonder who’s interloping in whose living room here. Neither the Ava Luna singers nor the oddly outfitted couple appear to be bothered by each other’s presence in “Genesee”.


Dev Hynes of Blood Orange has lived in New York for the past seven years. For the filming of “Uncle ACE” he goes back to his childhood hometown of Ilford, UK. Director/remixer/friend Adam Bainbridge of Kindness and house legend Robert Owens appear in the video as well as the remix. Go to the clip’s YouTube page for the answers to the on-screen questions.


A group of very fashion-conscious and attractive people meet at a launderette in “Come Home”, the new video from British producer, DJ and singer Maya Jane Coles. Their bloody and dirty hands are washed by a priestess, before they set out again, renewed.


After singer Dylan Rau from Bear Hands has been brought in for questioning, he is busted out of jail by his friends from the Cathouse in the Brooklyn band’s new video “Peacekeeper”.

Video of the day #911 #912 #913 #914 #915 #916

A woman’s memories get jumbled after she is hit by a car while riding on her bicycle in “Memory”, the new video video from French artist Jackson and his Computer Band. It’s a wonderful piece of storytelling from director So Me.


A cloud of angelic clones drifts through space in “The Tempest”, the startling new video from British producer Throwing Snow. They come in peace.


Chinese filmstar Zhang Ziyi is a ‘magicienne’ in Coldplay’s new video “Magic”. She has to deal with an abusive husband as well as an ambitious assistant, both played by singer Chris Martin.


Through their music, Wild Beasts may appear to be an overly serious band. Their new video “A Simple Beautiful Truth”, shot in South Wales, shows that really they are not.


Fortunately, no orange-clad football fans show up in “Samba do Mundo”, the new video from Dutch producers Gregor Salto, Saxsymbol and Todorov. Instead, the camera looks at the people of Rio preparing for carnival. Fatboy Slim shows up to DJ the track at a party.


Mapei and a special someone hang about on the outskirts of town dressed only in the coolest of garb for “Don’t Wait”, the Swedish singer’s new video.

Video of the day #907 #908 #909 #910 #911 #912 #913

A tattooed man provokes a range of hostile feelings in “Feather Tongue”, the new video from British singer Lyla Foy. It appears to be nothing less than the second coming.


A sad truck driver finds comfort and joy when he makes new friends at a gas station. Norwegian singer Mr Little Jeans keeps at a safe distance from inside a telephone box.


Dutch rappers Jebroer, Skinto and Mr. Polska unveil their very unflashy cars in preparation for a street race. Ronnie Flex sings the chorus of “Hoesten Als Bejaarden” (‘coughing like the elderly’) from a micro excavator, as you do.


A gang of scrap collectors race through Johannesburg while the people in Alexandra township dance to “Ragga Bomb”, the new single from Skrillex featuring the UK’s legendary Ragga Twins. It’s all in anticipation of an epic battle.


A young man tries to escape from a paranoid fever dream in “Attila”. Some animals, plants and fruit appear to have been harmed in the making of the new video from Amsterdam band Jungle By Night.


A woman’s memories get jumbled after she is hit by a car while riding on her bicycle in “Memory”, the new video video from French artist Jackson and his Computer Band. It’s a wonderful piece of storytelling from director So Me.


A cloud of angelic clones drifts through space in “The Tempest”, the startling new video from British producer Throwing Snow. They come in peace.

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