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22tracks presents: 22beats, the compilation

Music discovery service serves new music in playlists curated by the best DJs from Amsterdam, Brussels and London. Several DJs were getting more and more music sent by young Dutch producers, involved in bass music and everything around it. Forward-thinking, warm and sometimes almost ambient electronic sounds, all incredibly produced. 22tracks reached out to 22 of those producers to release their first compilation ever: 22beats.

Listen here:

Vincent-Paolo “Grey Goose”
Oby Nine “Sound Waves”
Bootycall “Darlin”
Krampfhaft / Presk “Hyperdreaming (Presk Remix)
Sir OJ “I Love My Name”
Bosboe “Wess Side Ryder VIP”
FS Green “Watrasei”
Full Crate “Dancing in The Douche”
DOK “Shake & Bake”
Halp “Chop Chop”
Julien Mier “The Storm Whispered Rusty Memories”
Änimal “When She Appears”
Booddha “Pearls”
Koen “1022″
Last Mood “Windshield”
Malin Genie “Ksis”
Faber “Goldmarie”
Sotu The Traveller “Twelve”
Subp Yao “I Want You”
Fedbymachines “A Thousand Streets”
Arts The Beatdoctor “IL404″
Kami Kapnobatal “That Awful Day Will Surely Come”

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