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Belgians do My22

We’ve recently launched our My22 function, for those who want to collect their favorite tracks from all genres in both Amsterdam and Brussels in one list. We were curious about the taste of some interesting Belgians and asked them to share their My22 list with us. Take a look!

My22 by: Christophe Lefrog (Libertine Supersport / Jojo Project)
My22 by: Julien Mourlon (Laid Back Radio)
My22 by: Jef Neve (
My22 by: Fredo (Avenue L)
My22 by: Bobby Ewing (Discobar Galaxie / Dj Bobby Ewing)
My22 by: Rick Shiver (Libertine Supersport)
My22 by: Deejay Kwak (Strictly Niceness)
My22 by: Sam De Bruyn (Studio Brussel / Samtex)
My22 by: Kirsten Lemaire (Studio Brussel / Canvas)
My22 by: Stijn Maris (Studio Brussel / Beats and Bleepz)
My22 by: Ben Van Alboom (Studio Brussel / Strictly Personal)

Haven’t got a My22 profile yet? Register one right now! Click the ‘login’ button in the top right on our website. Add tracks to your personal My22 by clicking the heart icons infront of any track in any genre.

Android is here! My22 is back!

Finally! Our Android App has arrived and is now available in the Android Market. We decided to release the app for free for a short period of time. In a couple of weeks it’ll cost €1,59, just like our iPhone app, so be sure to get it now. You can submit any problems and errors you encounter over here. The 22tracks Android and iPhone apps are available in The Netherlands, Belgium & Luxembourg. The United Kingdom will follow this winter, other countries in 2012. The Android app is developed by FONKMobile, design by Niek Dekker.

My22 is back! We’ve totally rebuilt this great way of collecting gems from all genres in Amsterdam and Brussels into one nifty favorites playlist, your personal My22. You can login via Facebook, Twitter or Google. Try it! Or dive into the current favorites of the Amsterdam and Brussels Chiefs Venz and Koen to see how it works. They’ve selected 22 favorites within the 22 genres of their city. Since My22 is a pretty straightforward functionality we decided not to create a huge how-to guide. Be sure to collect and share your own favorites right now by clicking the heart icon in front of any track!

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