Branded playlists? Android app?!

What, Radio538 on 22tracks? Dutch folk music by Buma NL? Malibu’s best cocktail hits? We’ve seen some surprised reactions in the past months, so we felt the need to clear something up. The homepage, the so called branded playlists, might not always be what you expect (or like). Yes, Radio538 is the biggest commercial station in The Netherlands. And yes, they focus more on mainstream music than we tend to do. But instead of seeing 22tracks as an competitor, and doing all they can to ignore us and keep us down, they advertise.

Advertisers make it possible for 22tracks to exist: free for everyone, without subscribing, without obnoxious popover banners and without commercials between tracks. Brands and festivals that advertise, support our business model. And for the first time ever, it’s even enjoyable! Lots of you tell friends about a playlist by Nike, Reebok, Converse Bacardi, Jameson, North Sea Jazz, Rabat or other great brands and festivals we’ve been working with by using our Twitter and/or Facebook share function. Thanks to these playlists 22tracks is able to pay for the huge costs to offer 22 genres filled with the best new music per city for free!

In other news: since everybody keeps on asking (thanks for that!), our Android app is now in development (by FONK) and will see the light on our second anniversary: October 22nd. A completely improved iPhone app will follow shortly after, and who knows what 2012 will bring on iPad and Blackberry?