A new website, a new city, a new start

Oh yes, we’re so excited and happy with our new website! Our Flash version, built by great Rotterdam collective Venour, was amazing. But we had to move on: we needed to be ready for the future, be more flexible in growing and gaining more statistical information. It’s essential for our future to give record labels and copyrighting societies the best data possible about what’s being played and where exactly. We have to have more control over our branded playlists, to do more amazing stuff and be able to offer more service to advertisers. These brands and festivals keep our website alive, thanks to them we can pay our licenses and hostings costs.

We want you to be able to share your My22 favorites lists, that’s why we had to rebuild the complete system. In July you’ll be able to enjoy the new and improved My22. And what about our artist information block? We’re learning more and more everyday about hundreds of artists, thanks to this feature. But the most important reason of all: we weren’t able to add a city in our previous website. Now we are, and it’s incredible how much people from Belgium and all around the world love the Brussels selections. We hope to add more cities in the coming year. One day, we hope to expand to 22 cities and become the number one global music platform for new music. Thanks for being a listener already!

Of course, a new website brings in some bugs. You’ve got tons of different browsers and browser versions. We’re fixing them one by one. Not our huge 22tracks team, but our one man technical team: Larix. Our hero! With the help of graphic designer Niek Dekker, he created this great new version. But as you all notice: since a new country (Belgium) massively visits us, our server slowed down. We’re adding a new server as we speak with the help of our greats friends at De Hosting Firma and Nedzone. And yes, an Android and iPad app will soon arrive. But just know, that unlike services like Spotify (with 100+ million funding) or Soundcloud (10+ million funding) we’re a self funded start-up. A couple of music lovers and 44 wonderful DJ’s from Amsterdam and Brussels, changing the music industry a bit. Or 22 bits. Amazing bits.

Visit this page if you’d like to let us know which bug(s) you’re encountering. Check out Facebook or Twitter to get all the updates about the music and the website.