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22sessions the movie…

Featured WMMF work by Delta

We already wrote about the wonderful 22sessions we had at the World Minimal Music Festival at Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam on this blog. The whole idea of five talented producers remixing a famous music piece by Steve Reich turned out great and everybody including mister Reich himself we’re very enthusiastic. For those who couldn’t be there Milo Alting-Siberg and Patrick Ebu-Mordi made a four minute video impression of the whole day which includes footage of the remixing process, Djef (originals) & Job de Wit (disco | pop | rock), Kees Nutters and the final remixes by Full Crate (beats | soul), Gomes (dubstep), MPS Pilot (worldgroove), Individualism and Presk.

For those who still can’t get enough, the audio footage of the whole night is recorded by our friends from VPRO Dorst:

DWDD, the day after…

Yesterday evening Venz (aka Vincent Reinders) was invited in the biggest live TV show in The Netherlands ‘De Wereld Draait Door‘ (1.3 million viewers) to tell everything about 22tracks and our nomination for both ‘Best App’ & ‘Startup of the Year’ at the Dutch Startup Awards (you can still vote until 17:00 CET).

Around 20:15 CET we saw a huge increase in our traffic, which made our server unavailable. Even though we (with our hosting friends De Hosting Firma & Nedzone) prepared for 10 times the regular traffic, which is pretty massive already. Within an hour both website and iPhone app were up and running again. If you bought the app and it didn’t work immediately: it was because of this overload. It’ll work now, even though we’re still experiencing the biggest peak in traffic ever. Our tech guys have been working their asses off since last night making sure you will be able to keep on listening to the best new music, here at 22tracks.

Besides technical challenges, which are fun (ask our tech guys), we managed to take the #1 spot in the Dutch iTunes appstore! Thousands of 22tracks apps were installed last night, thousands are being installed today. Our app, which has been free for six months, reached 80.000 downloads last Monday. We already had this amount (aprox. 22% of the Dutch iPhone market) in mind to reach when we switched to an one time purchase priced app (€1,59). Compared to our big brother Spotify (€120 per year), it’s not that much either. We need to. Not only to pay our licensing costs and hosting but also to be able to develop other apps for the iPad & Android. In other words; to keep on going! By the way, our app is, since last Monday, also available in Belgium & Luxembourg.

And last, but surely not least, we reached 22.222 Facebook likes! Laurens Breure is Mr. 22.222 and receives a nice 22tracks goodie package! Be sure to like us as well on Facebook to receive daily notices on genre updates and other 22tracks related news.

Our website, iPhone app, Brussels launch & FREE stickers!

The website
It’s been a while since we updated you about what’s been happening behind the curtains at 22tracks. Again, we’ve been busy, what else is new. We’ve started rebuilding our website, making it more future proof. This includes adding new features like scrobbling, Twitter and Facebook oAuth login, sharing your My22 with friends and lots of other cool stuff which we’ll tell you about further along the way in the upcoming months. The expected launch for this new version of our website is planned for June.

iPhone app from free to a one-time €1,59 purchase price
Our iPhone app is a huge succes! More than 80.000 downloads served already! From tomorrow, almost six months after its launch, we will go from free to a one-time purchase price of €1,59. Not that much right? But hey! It helps us pay the huge amounts of bills, besides us being able to further develop the app even more, adding new features and making it available for iPad and Android. If you install(ed) our app before tomorrow you won’t have to pay for future updates, of course.

Brussels here we come!
You might have already heard some rumours. And yes, it’s true. We’re going to launch 22tracks Brussels! This means that the best curators (DJs / journalists) from Brussels will let you hear what’s hot and happening in the Belgian music scene. From June you will be able to select which 22tracks you want to be listening to; Amsterdam or Brussels. To celebrate our upcoming start in Belgium we will launch the 22tracks iPhone app (Amsterdam version) also in Belgium and Luxembourg tomorrow – for a one-time purchase price of €1,59. We know lots of you have been waiting for this!

FREE stickers
So you’re quite the 22tracks fan, eh? :) Let’s see if you can help us spread the word! We’re giving away free stickers for everyone! Just enter your address details in the form below, and we’ll send you some free stickers asap!

(update 1 July: Sorry! We’re out of free stickers!)

22sessions: the results!

NRC, 1 April 2011 | PDF

Yesterday we were at the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam as part of the World Minimal Music Festival. We had the honor to hang out with the legendary Steve Reich to present him five remixes that were created in our 22sessions by Full Crate (beats | soul), Gomes (dubstep), MPS Pilot (worldgroove), Individualism and Presk. They all created a unique and completely different remix. Our friends of VPRO Dorst recorded the whole session:

Electric Counterpoint remixes by: Full Crate, Gomes, Presk, Mps Pilot & Individualism

Also Djef (originals) and Job de Wit (disco | pop | rock) were there! Making sure the visitors of World Minimal Music Festival would enjoy some fresh tunes while the producers were busy remixing. Listen to both mixes here:

DJ-set Djef at WMMF

DJ-set Job de Wit at WMMF

Btw: we also shot video footage of the whole day, which we will add later to this blog! Stay tuned!

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