22sessions @ World Minimal Music Festival

This Thursday 22tracks and the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam join forces as part of the World Minimal Music Festival for 22sessions: a day full of remixes. You might’ve heard of the WMMF since they were last week’s featured playlist and our contemporary section is curated by the Muziekgebouw’s general director. Headliner of the festival is Steve Reich, a Grammy winning composer described by The Guardian as one of “a handful of living composers who can legitimately claim to have altered the direction of musical history“. Minimal music is in essence a genre of experimental music in consonant harmony, steady pulse, gradual transformation and often reiteration of musical phrases. 22tracks invited six great producers who are going to create a remix on the spot, based on one famous Steve Reich piece.

Full Crate (beats | soul), Gomes (dubstep), Mindmapper (drum&bass) and MPS Pilot (worldgroove) are not only great 22tracks selectors, but also talented producers. Our friends Individualism and Presk are invited too to start remixing from 16.00 until 19.00. During the session Djef (originals) and Job de Wit (disco | pop | rock) will be providing the music for you. If you’d like to see how talented young producers work and want to be part of the action, be there! The host of the day will be Venz (hiphop | relax) who will also interview Steve Reich. The legend himself will be judging the remixes at the end of the day! Check out the full programme of the World Minimal Music Festival in the Muziekgebouw here.

Full Crate | http://soundcloud.com/fullcrate
Full Crate is a hiphop/soul producer with a dj background, well known for his soul and beats selection on 22tracks. Last year he teamed up with FS Green to release an album called Eggs and Pancakes and together with singer Mar he gave us the Conversations With Her EP.

Gomes | http://soundcloud.com/gomes-aka-g-man
Gomes has been one of the top players since the beginning of UK Garage and dubstep in Holland. His own dubstep party Oi! is the best and biggest in the country, his 22tracks dubstep selections with Brutuzz are sick and as a producer he worked with D-Double-E, Lyrical, Maikal X, Dio and Killah P.

MPS PILOT | http://soundcloud.com/mpspilot
MPS PILOT has traveled extensively through the Balkans, Spain, India, Turkey, Morocco, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and more. He has immersed himself in the cutting-edge world music scene, both as a producer and a dj, and gives a totally different view on world music in the 22tracks worldgroove playlist.

Mindmapper | http://soundcloud.com/mindmapper
Coming from a background of working with bands, playing electric guitar for many years and building his own studio, Mindmapper has got all the musical skills a producer might want. Combined with his education as an Audio Designer, Mindmapper is a musical mastermind whose style expands way beyond just drum & bass. Even though this is the genre we know and love him for over at 22tracks.

Individualism | http://soundcloud.com/individualism
This 17 year old producer is one of the biggest talents of the city. He already won the prestigious ‘Grote Prijs van Nederland’ as best Dance act. His music is a blend of different styles like broken beat, Detroit house and dubstep. Keeping Individualism‘s young age, and his big amount of musical talent and curiosity in mind, we can state that you might find yourself being surprised how far Individualism might go. This Thursday is a good start to see him live in action.

Presk | http://soundcloud.com/presk
Presk‘s music blurs the boundaries between house, garage, techno and dubstep. At the same time he manages to set himself apart by combining a strong dancefloor feeling with a keen eye for structure and detail. Presk’s liveset has proven to be something special. His steady rise has certainly not gone unnoticed, with Presk now being signed to several renowned UK labels, and releases coming out in the next few months.