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22tracks @ Midem & Toko MC aftermovie

2011 started off great for 22tracks! We were a finalist at MidemNet Lab 2011 in Cannes where we got to present ourselves. Watch this presentation by Vincent Reinders (@venz_) 22tracks CEO & founder:

As you might have noticed we also threw a party to celebrate our victory at Eurosonic / Noorderslag before leaving to Cannes. Watch this beautiful video shot by Patrick Ebu-Mordi edited by Milo Alting Siberg, music by: AFTA-1:

22tracks @ Toko MC, the day after…

Wow! What a party! 22tracks @ Toko MC last night was the shit! We celebrated a new 22tracks year with an amazing line-up: Djef, Job de Wit, Individualism (live), MPS Pilot, Henzel & Disco Nova and Brutuzz at Toko MC. The DJs loved it, the crowd loved it, we loved it. Thanks for being there. And if you missed it, shame on you, here’s some of the livestream footage we managed to save before the fuses blew up and we had to move back to the other room:

Djef | Originals

Job de Wit | Disco

Individualism | Live performance

MPS Pilot | Worldgroove

Henzel & Disco Nova | Brutuzz (until the fuses blew up) Electro | Dubstep

22tracks in 2011

It looks like this is going to be another good year for 22tracks. January is only half way gone, and there is already enough to write about. A new genre, an exciting award, exclusive T-shirts and a 22tracks party @ Toko MC.

First of all we have welcomed a brand new brutal genre: Metal by Edwin Valent. A long time ago Edwin was frontman of metalband Short Fused. Until recently he hosted the radio and tv show ‘Bruut!’ on 3voor12 and was responsible for MTV Rockzone. All tracks on the new Metal list are 100% brutal and specially selected for the genuine Metal fans! We are extremely happy that we have added Edwin to our list of dj’s and we are absolutely confident that Metal will become a genre just as popular as any other on 22tracks.

Secondly we received the Company Award on Eurosonic / Noorderslag. Bandcamp and Mflow were the other nominated companies in this award which rewards the best legal initiative that promotes European music. After being honored to be nominated at all, we even managed to win the €5000, very welcome in our mission to pay our licenses.

And what better way to celebrate this prize, a new genre and a new year than with a new 22tracks party? On the 22nd of January, 22tracks will host a party @ Toko MC on the Westergasterrein in Amsterdam. Entrance is free and the doors will open at 21:00. Until 03:00 you can expect a special performance by 17-year old super talent Individualism and dj-sets by Henzel & Disco Nova, Job de Wit, Phil Horneman, Brutuzz, MPS Pilot, Djef and Venz.

Don’t know what to wear? Check out our new line of 22tracks T-shirts, for sale at T-Junk, designed by Venour. Your support would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all those good words, tweets, wall posts and most of all: hours spent inside our world of new music.

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