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A rollercoaster…

Wow! It’s been like a rollercoaster ride these last couple of months at 22tracks. So much happened and still so much to do. Here’s a retrospect and update:

Less than three months ago Vincent & Gilles combined forces together with the experts to make 22tracks grow into what it is now: 22 playlists in different genres, each filled with 22 tracks, selected by the best experts in their genre (dj’s and music journalists from Amsterdam). Right now we stream over 100.000 tracks per day. With the knowledge that tracks are only online for a maximum of four weeks these visitors contribute to the online sales of new music by clicking on the shoppingcart to buy these tracks via iTunes. New music is finally being promoted, discovered and bought in an easy effective way. No registration, no hassle.

Last month we launched My22: a new function to create your own personal list of 22tracks favorites. Now two weeks later more than 1.500 users signed up and started making their own lists of favorite new music. Soon you will be able to tell your friends about your expert knowledge by sharing your My22 url.

iPhone app
With a great iPhone app in development (same functionalities as itself), scheduled for release in early 2010, we’re pretty sure new music will be heard on an even bigger scale. You’ll finally be able to carry the newest music around in your pocket.

Music rights management
So what about music rights management? Well, the only thing we can share about this subject right now is that we are working together with BUMA/Stemra (Dutch music rights association) on a license. As you might have noticed we are against illegal downloads, don’t offer any downloads ourselves and point visitors towards iTunes when they want to listen to the tracks longer than the maximum of four weeks that they are available. Besides that, we think artists should earn that what they deserve for making the amazing music they do. Considering this we urge BUMA/Stemra and the music industry to work on a tailormade license. Only future will tell if the music industry is ready for a new way of music promotion and contribution to music-sales the way we do. We’re delighted with the already received support of big and smaller music labels and will keep you updated on this subject at this blog.

Media coverage
We’ve received a lot of attention from music lovers, bloggers, magazines and other media from all over the globe. From Tokyo to Moscow, from the States to South Africa. Mentioning all these sites in this blog would make this post even longer than it is right now. We are grateful for all the coverage we get. If you haven’t spread the word yet: please do so! Do it for the love of new music!

Meeting us in person
As you might know we organize a get together in MiNiBAR (Prinsengracht 478 / Amsterdam) every 22nd of the month, including this upcoming 22nd of December from 20:00 o’clock. You’ll be able to meet and have a chat with us and some of the experts in person. Besides these get togethers you will also see us at several seminars in 2010 starting with Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen where we will participate at the Cross Media Cafe panel discussions. See you at one of these events?

Yaay! It’s (almost) Christmas!
Merry Christmas! :) Thanks for these great first months of 22tracks and the love you’re sending on Twitter and via e-mail! Enjoy this wonderful collection of songs, compiled by Oscar Smit who has been collecting Christmas music for over 30 years. Oscar hosts the radioshow Beautiful Extremes at Studio 80 Radio and writes for magazines like Gonzo Circus, Subbacultcha and OOR.

Have a fantastic Christmas and NYE! Spread love, spread new music!
The 22tracks team.

22tracks at MiNiBAR (Tuesday 22 December)


This upcoming 22nd of December we will organize our second get together at the MiNiBAR in Amsterdam. From 20:00 o’clock we will celebrate new music, tell you about the latest developments, launch new features, genres, dj’s and anything else that has to do with 22tracks. Be there or be…

Ramses Shaffy


Ramses Shaffy (August 29, 1933 – December 1, 2009) was a Dutch singer, chansonnier, and actor. He became popular during the 1960s. His most famous songs include Zing, vecht, huil, bid, lach, werk en bewonder (Sing, fight, cry, pray, laugh, work and admire), We zullen doorgaan (We will go on), Pastorale, Sammy and Laat me (Leave me be). He frequently collaborated with Dutch singer Liesbeth List. Ramses died this morning in his beloved Amsterdam.

Djef decided to put 22 of Shaffy’s best tracks online, in his Originals list on 22tracks, as a homage. Enjoy music, enjoy life.

Update: 48 hours later, Ramses Shaffy 15.000 tracks played.

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