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“I Blame Myself” is a personal song about Sky Ferreira and her public image (as a troublemaker, I think, I’m not sure, she may also be exaggerating, as is her right). The black men in her video are also not what they may appear to be, although I’m not sure they should blame themselves, too.


South Korea’s Waveya dance group show off their versatility in a video produced for Belgium’s B-Classic – Festival van Vlaanderen. They’re shaking their thing to “Allegro con Fuoco”, the fourth movement of Czech composer Antonín Dvořák’s famous Symphony No. 9 from 1893. You’re hearing Herbert von Karajan’s 1985 recording with the Wiener Philharmoniker.


Happy Easter! Join the celebrations with L.A. singer/model/performer Actually Huizenga and a tattooed Jesus in “Baby Love”. The song is a cover of a 1984 single by the Hungarian-Italian former porn actress, recording artist and parliamentarian Cicciolina (who appears in archival footage).


The new video from US band Real Estate has undead skateboarders, cermanic figurines *and* a ‘tribute to yesteryear’ in it. Let director Tom Scharpling explain to you how this came to be in “Crime”.


Everywhere she goes, a woman is confronted by perfectly colour-coordinated Hamburg duo Parasite Single. Having been stalked by the song, she finally gives in to “The Hunt” in a Korean restaurant and karaoke bar.


Video of the day #921 #922 #923

A girl should be able to traverse the city without her creep-o-meter flashing all the time. Construction workers, soccer dudes and business dads can’t keep their mouths shut in “Hey Girl”, the new video from Seattle band Tacocat.


Ah, to be a teenager in smalltown England and be in love with your best friend’s girlfriend. Feel what it’s like in “Midnight on the Hill”, the latest video from Maximo Park Official.


The young people in a dead-end desert town find release in the art of dance in “So Now You Know”, the new video from UK band The Horrors. Singer Faris Badwan lends them a tune.

Video of the day #917 #918 #919 #920

You have to wonder who’s interloping in whose living room here. Neither the Ava Luna singers nor the oddly outfitted couple appear to be bothered by each other’s presence in “Genesee”.


Dev Hynes of Blood Orange has lived in New York for the past seven years. For the filming of “Uncle ACE” he goes back to his childhood hometown of Ilford, UK. Director/remixer/friend Adam Bainbridge of Kindness and house legend Robert Owens appear in the video as well as the remix. Go to the clip’s YouTube page for the answers to the on-screen questions.


A group of very fashion-conscious and attractive people meet at a launderette in “Come Home”, the new video from British producer, DJ and singer Maya Jane Coles. Their bloody and dirty hands are washed by a priestess, before they set out again, renewed.


After singer Dylan Rau from Bear Hands has been brought in for questioning, he is busted out of jail by his friends from the Cathouse in the Brooklyn band’s new video “Peacekeeper”.

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A woman’s memories get jumbled after she is hit by a car while riding on her bicycle in “Memory”, the new video video from French artist Jackson and his Computer Band. It’s a wonderful piece of storytelling from director So Me.


A cloud of angelic clones drifts through space in “The Tempest”, the startling new video from British producer Throwing Snow. They come in peace.


Chinese filmstar Zhang Ziyi is a ‘magicienne’ in Coldplay’s new video “Magic”. She has to deal with an abusive husband as well as an ambitious assistant, both played by singer Chris Martin.


Through their music, Wild Beasts may appear to be an overly serious band. Their new video “A Simple Beautiful Truth”, shot in South Wales, shows that really they are not.


Fortunately, no orange-clad football fans show up in “Samba do Mundo”, the new video from Dutch producers Gregor Salto, Saxsymbol and Todorov. Instead, the camera looks at the people of Rio preparing for carnival. Fatboy Slim shows up to DJ the track at a party.


Mapei and a special someone hang about on the outskirts of town dressed only in the coolest of garb for “Don’t Wait”, the Swedish singer’s new video.

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A tattooed man provokes a range of hostile feelings in “Feather Tongue”, the new video from British singer Lyla Foy. It appears to be nothing less than the second coming.


A sad truck driver finds comfort and joy when he makes new friends at a gas station. Norwegian singer Mr Little Jeans keeps at a safe distance from inside a telephone box.


Dutch rappers Jebroer, Skinto and Mr. Polska unveil their very unflashy cars in preparation for a street race. Ronnie Flex sings the chorus of “Hoesten Als Bejaarden” (‘coughing like the elderly’) from a micro excavator, as you do.


A gang of scrap collectors race through Johannesburg while the people in Alexandra township dance to “Ragga Bomb”, the new single from Skrillex featuring the UK’s legendary Ragga Twins. It’s all in anticipation of an epic battle.


A young man tries to escape from a paranoid fever dream in “Attila”. Some animals, plants and fruit appear to have been harmed in the making of the new video from Amsterdam band Jungle By Night.


A woman’s memories get jumbled after she is hit by a car while riding on her bicycle in “Memory”, the new video video from French artist Jackson and his Computer Band. It’s a wonderful piece of storytelling from director So Me.


A cloud of angelic clones drifts through space in “The Tempest”, the startling new video from British producer Throwing Snow. They come in peace.

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A group of papier-mâché men try to smuggle a bunch of carrier bags out of the city. Another group of men chase them into the desert with baseball bats in “Snakes”, the new video from the Pixies.


Death is not the end in “Born to Die”, the time and space straddling new video from Berlin band King Khan And The Shrines. Just don’t let Satan near your cats.


Jack Antonoff from the hugely popular band Fun, not only has a new thing called Bleachers, apparently he’s also a psychoanalyst. His girlfriend Lena Dunham (you may her know from Girls) has directed “I Wanna Get Better”, the first Bleachers video.


It’s girl meets girl in “Move on”, the new video from Israeli group Garden City Movement. And before the song is over, as these things often go unfortunately, girl finds herself alone again.


BROODS is a new brother-and-sister duo from New Zealand. Their beautiful new video “Bridges” could be about a brother and sister as well, until you realise it isn’t, and it becomes kind of heart-breaking.


The special effects in “Hey! Hey! Alright”, the new video from Japanese rap group スチャダラパー(Official) (Scha Dara Parr) and singer 木村カエラ (Kaela Kimura), have a Michel Gondryesque DIY quality. It involves a TV game show of some kind, and a violent game of baseball.

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The Internationaal Monetair Fonds is an organisation that places very strict conditions on governments who loan money to reorganise their country’s economies. In his new video “IMF”, Nigerian singer Seun Anikulapo Kuti and guest-rapper M1 (from Dead Prez) express harsh criticims of both its policies and the corrupt governments abusing the funds.


In a song about an attractive, desirable girl, the members of Korean group Orange Caramel tell their story dressed as… sushi. But, as they show at the end of “까탈레나 (Catallena)”, even plain old mackerel, salmon and shrimp can be very tasty.


School is Cool singer Johannes Genard is fast on his way to steal you away, before the Belgian band’s members offer themselves up on a plate in their new video “Wide-Eyed & Wild-Eyed”.


The boy in Wookie’s new video is probably not much interested in the UK producer’s new track “Higher”. He’s listening to very different music and would rather hang out with the local punks.


A husband and wife are both huge fans of a handsome TV personality. The balding, overweight man goes to extreme lengths and humiliations to become more like his idol in “Stem” (‘voice’), the new video from Dutch star Marco Borsato and rapper Gers Pardoel.


Kylie Minogue’s choice of footwear indicates she has not come to the gym for any kind of ordinary aerobics class. The moves she practices in “Sexercize” need to be replicable in the bedroom (or anywhere).


After getting shot from heaven by a bunch of aggressive businessmen, Lady Gaga is laid to rest in the swimming pool of Hearst Castle. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills welcome her to heaven, where she treats herself to a bevy of male models cloned from the DNA of Jesus Christ, Michael Jackson, Mahatma Gandhi and John Lennon in her extravagant new video “G.U.Y.”.


Yummie! Or maybe not. The delicacies in “Hot and Cold”, the debut video from DC band EX HEX, come straight out of a very dated 1960s cookbook. Then again, if you’re hungry, you’re hungry.

Video of the day #887 #888 #889 #890 #891 #892

A man is sent into the wild to find a dog, but when he does, it bites him in the arm and kicks him in the head. Not quite the same, he returns without the dog in “Woef”, the insane new video from Dutch producers Titts.


There are very strange and powerful forces at work in Editors’ rehearsal space. “Sugar” is another excellent job by acclaimed Belgian director Joe Vanhoutteghem.


A cigarette break leads to a fire leads to a riot in this hand-drawn video for Irish band We Cut Corners. Even natural disasters ravage through “Best Friend”.


Forget the lame record label dude, Jennifer Lopez’ friends have a much better idea for her new video “I Luh Ya PaPi”. Somebody (guest rapper French Montana) ignored the men’s dresscode unfortunately.


After literally crashing a woman’s apartment, a super turnt up man continues to spread mayhem in “Turn Down For What”, the insane new video from French producer DJ SNAKE and Lil Jon. House parties will never be the same again.


A group of people interact around a swimming people. What’s happening is more than meets the eye. Test your observational skills with Placebo’s new video “Loud Like Love”, narrated by Bret Easton Ellis.

Video of the day #880 #881 #882 #883 #884 #885 #886

In their big-budget new sci-fi video “Come Back Home”, Korean girl group 2NE1 work on sabotaging a popular entertainment device called Virtual Paradise. Reality may often be difficult, but at least it’s real.


It’s amazing how much you can express with the use of emojis. A certain Jesse Hill (who, like Beyoncé, also happens to be from Texas) has been able to fit the whole of “Drunk in Love” in one amazing video sequence.


Aging rocker David Yow (maniac frontman of The Jesus Lizard) tries to cut it as a superhero on Hollywood Blvd, but finds out the hard way that two Captain Americas is one too many. Meanwhile, OFF! play their new song “Hypnotized”.


House music may be a relatively new invention, but even the cavemen liked to get down in their time. Successive generations of humans claim their space on the dancefloor in “Goodbye Future”, the new video from Australian duo The Presets.


ASAP Ferg is on a mission to save the queen from the evil twins, who have her captured at a salvage yard. The ninja villains are no match for his arm cannons in the rapper’s ridiculous new “Let it Go” video.


Dum Dum Girls singer Dee Dee Penny stars in her band’s new video “Are You Okay”, a short film written by Bret Easton Ellis. A therapy session brings on a flashback to a murder, further enhanced by a freak accident in an art gallery.


Laibach are inspiring the youth of today to train for physical fitness, musical ability and telepathic powers in the Slovenian band’s new video “The Whistleblowers”.

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