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She may be smiling, but this young woman is in a foul mood. Liverpool band Circa Waves, who are playing “Young Chasers” at a house party, may or may not have something to do with it.


Her throne may be modest, but make no mistake who’s calling the shots in “Two Weeks”. Star director Nabil Elderkin slowly zooms out as English singer FKA twigs reigns like a goddess.


Dutch rapper DIO has found a way to be near his ex-girlfriend in his new video “Radio”. Don’t be creeped out too much, though, he’s keeping in the background.


London singer Misty Miller singer takes a night bus full of zombies in her new video “Taxi Cab”, which perfectly resembles some lost 1980s horror VHS. Instead of being terrified, she enjoys an amusing ride with new friends.



Out on the prowl, a woman meets a another nature film enthousiast in a bar. Later that night, sex turns predatory in “She’s Bad”, the new video from French producer DyE and American electro legend Egyptian Lover.




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There’s a new OK Go song so you know it’s going to have some supremely smart-ass look-at-us aren’t-we-clever type of video. And that’s exactly what “The Writing’s on the Wall” is. Look at it. Aren’t they clever? Yes.


A young, beautiful and rich woman has apparently just come out of a relationship with a member of Arctic Monkeys. She has a private video recording of the band in the studio that’s making her upset in “Snap Out of it”.


A whole bunch of naked folks are running around in the woods. Apparently, this cannot be allowed to happen. An epic battle unfolds in “Tongues”, the new video from American band Joywave.


A criminal couple arrive at a safehouse and immediately change identities in “Lockdown Hurricane”, the new video from The Eels. Their peace and quiet doesn’t last for the length of the song.


MØ and her posse of girlfriends have taken over the gymnasium in the Danish singer’s new video “Walk This Way”. They are not to be messed with, quite obviously, and therefore everyone else has vacated the premises.


Midlake Band like to stay in shape, so before the night’s home town gig, three of the guys go for a jog around Denton (Texas), in “Aurora Gone”, the band’s new video. (That’s Midlake’s own Paschall Bar, should you ever visit.)

Video of the day #981 #982 #983

A lonely wookiee, it appears, isn’t getting what he needs from his relationship in “Used to Be My Friend”, the melancholy new video from UK producer Odysseus. He’s making do, though.


A couple dozen workmen are sleepwalking through a renovation while Nicole Miglis from Florida band Hundred Waters sings “Murmurs”, and fences herself in in the garden.


A candy-coloured psychedelic ooze is dripping from “Lost You”, the new video from Canadian production duo ZEDS DEAD featuring Twin Shadow and D’Angelo Lacey. Everything’s melting and disappearing in a hole in the ground.

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“Champs-Elysées” is an ode to ’90s street-fashion (and commerce!), with a quote from Scarface (1983) (dubbed in French) about money and power as its starting point. Parisian singer/rapper Bonnie Banane and fellow musician Waltaa are perfectly captured in an abundance of style.


British artist Elizabeth Bernholz AKA Gazelle Twin switches back and forth from young girl to old woman in “Anti Body”. It all makes for a rather dark and haunting experience.


“Pills n Potions” looks magnificently odd, from Nicki Minaj’s metallic virtual tears to Game’s unexpectedly cute guest-spot as the rapper’s former lover. Director Diane Martel (“Blurred Lines”, “We Can’t Stop”) once again proves to be on top of her game.


When a group of friends go out on a Friday night, a blonde woman on the bus sends their hormonal systems into overdrive in “Laatste Keer” (‘last time’), the sexually charged new video from Dutch rap group The Opposites.


There aren’t many male musicians willing to embrace the medium of dance like Devonté Hynes of Blood Orange. Gia Coppola (niece of Sophia and Roman) directs him in the amazing “You’re Not Good Enough”, leaving girlfriend Samantha Urbani and the rest of the band halfway through.


A teenage dweeb living with his grandparents is tired of getting beat up during his weekend LARP battles. Something’s got to give, and there are at least three twists at the end of “High Road”, the new video from Atlanta band Mastodon.

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The brief for “Portemonnee” (‘wallet’) obviously was to cram as much fabulosity in the video as possible. And then put in some more (props to Isis Vaandrager Fashion-Stylist). Dutch producer REVERSE is casually fanning himself with money (can you spot him?), Willem from The Opposites rides a zebra and newcomer Idaly reminisces about the one that got away.


Kimbra is feeling nostalgic in her new video “90s Music”, as you can tell from the colour schemes and the fashion she’s rocking. Musically, however, the New Zealand singer seems bang up to date.



Forget a real rapper, here’s MC Nana Splits who is an actual banana. If you think that’s bananas (see what I did there?), he’s joined on the mic by a bread roll by the name of ButterKrust in “Butter Ya’self”. A piece of salted butter named Sweet Cream is on the beat. (Both track and video were actually made by Julian Petschek.)


Europa Europa is billed as an “anti-nationalist cabaret about migration politics” by the Swedish art group Ful with music by The Knife, who recorded “För Alla Namn Vi Inte Får Använda” (‘for all the names we cannot use’) for the project. Read their critique of Europe’s migration and asylum policies on


“The Witness” is a pretty good song, but with a music video for the deaf and hard of hearing, American singer Joan As Police Woman manages to increase her fanbase even more. See if you can keep up with the images.

Video of the day #963 #964 #965 #966 #967 #968 #969

Like always, it’s a hot day in Yemen. A young man has a picture postcard of the ocean and is determined to make it there in “Meet Me There”, the (very different and much better unofficial director’s cut of the) new video from British singer/songwriter Nick Mulvey.



It’s hot in the suburbs and there’s nothing to do but get even hotter in “Stay”, the new video from American producer Henry Krinkle. Somebody please let that dog out of the car though.


Oakland rapper G-Eazy is doing the TV news and his new song “I Mean it” is the main story of the day. It’s a miracle he isn’t taken off the air within seconds, but the public seems to like him.


Sex, drugs and hip-hop feature heavily in New York rapper Kool A.D.’s new video “Word”. It’s an animated fever dream hell-bent on destruction.



After several rejections, one team is willing to take on Wolf Alice singer Ellie Rowsell for the local dance competition. You just know they will kill it in the London band’s new video “Moaning Lisa Smile”.


For “Honey Do”, the new video from American duo Beverly – Band, director Hanly Banks has filmed a bunch of Austin high school seniors not doing too much. Come along and hang out with them for just a few minutes.


“Gyal Yuh Good” is Busy Signal’s ode to all Jamaican women, from Negril to Kingston, and even from abroad. Sure he’s got some professional dancers in his video, but basically the floor is open to everyone.

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The kids like to dance, smoke, make out and cause trouble—and you know what, so does MIA. Watch her 3D print colourful plastic weapons and fly neon peace drones in the London artist’s self-directed new video “Double Bubble Trouble”.


There have been a ton of “Happy” tribute videos over the past months, and this one from Teheran may not appear to be anything special: it has people dancing to the Pharrell Williams song, having fun, being happy. It might seem crazy what I’m about to say, but at least six people have been arrested for making it – “dancing in mixed company” – and putting it on YouTube. We know there are people listening to 22tracks in Iran, and to them we say: ما شما را دوست دارم


DIE ANTWOORD rapper Ninja is a killer dog-man hybrid attacking bystanders and pussycats in the South African group’s new video “Pitbull Terrier”. Singer Yo-Landi Vi$$er attempts to tame him.


A group of men are out on the town getting wasted for a stag night in “Carriages”, the new video from New Zealand band Tiny Ruins. They’re led by actor Ian Hart (Backbeat, Liam (film), Harry Potter en de Steen der Wijzen (film)), who’s old enough to know better.


US rapper Riff Raff is, of course, all about the flashiest home decorating, the most garish fashion and the hottest video chicks, as you can tell from his new video “How to Be the Man”. But let it be known that Riff Raff is also for the children.


Dealing drugs is a highly stressful, high-stakes occupation. There’s your own life, for one, but also the welfare of your loved ones. Dealer, a short film by Ben Dawkins, is soundtracked by “Rival Dealer” by Burial, who doesn’t usually do music videos.


An old gangster recruits a new accomplice after his son has died in “Around Town”, the new video from English band The Kooks. After a flashback to the son’s killing, she reveals her secret motivation.


Like always, it’s a hot day in Yemen. A young man has a picture postcard of the ocean and is determined to make it there in “Meet Me There”, the (very different and much better unofficial director’s cut of the) new video from British singer/songwriter Nick Mulvey.

22tracks and Internet Explorer team up to bring
you a completely new online music experience

Discovering music has never been easier.

Choice is fine. Curation is better. It is this philosophy to music that has made 22tracks one of the world’s leading and internationally acclaimed music websites. Today, we’re excited to announce 22tracks and Internet Explorer partnered to bring you a completely new online music experience, with an immersive and beautiful touch‐first website that lets music lovers listen to and explore new artists and genres. Discovering music has never been easier.

The concept behind 22tracks is simple: 22 local top DJs from cities like Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Paris share their genre’s 22 hottest tracks of the moment. Each city boosts its own team of specialized DJs bringing you the newest tracks in their genre. In Amsterdam, you have Nicky Romero curating the city’s house playlist. In Brussels, Lefto is curating the Global Sounds section. Meanwhile, in London, Bicep is running the deep disco playlist, and in Paris, you can listen to the best jazz selected by China Moss. Ranging from hip hop to deep house to tropical, this musical discovery service is the perfect guide in a crowded musical landscape to discover new tracks, promote new artists and explore new genres – with each DJ bringing his or her own flavor to the table, and every city its own unique musical vibe.

Vincent Reinders and Gilles de Smit founded 22tracks on the 22nd of October 2009. “We solve a major problem: what should I listen to now?” says Reinders in an interview. “For most people this can be an ongoing daily quest. Especially nowadays, with catalogues of more than 20 million songs available, the demand for curation and music discovery is higher than ever. I think 2014 will be a great year for us to grow and get more people to use our service.”

Microsoft - 22tracks Twitter2

Now, 22tracks and Internet Explorer have teamed up to bring the best of music, design and technology together in a completely new online music experience to explore and share the music you love. For starters, the new HTML5-­‐website is completely optimized for touch, with a music control panel that lets you play, pause and scrub through a track using touch. Meanwhile, an interactive audio visualizer is running in the background showing stunning visuals by continuously adapting to the rhythm of the music and your touch interactions ­‐ just tap and hold, swipe and drag the ‘blobs’ as you listen and see what happens. What’s more is that you can easily switch between the disc-view and playlist‐view, by using the icons in the top­‐right corner, resulting in a seamless and hands­‐on music experience.

Microsoft - 22tracks Twitter1

Next, we’ve made the website fully responsive so 22tracks is working perfectly on any device. This is especially handy on smaller screens like phones or tablets, as the website design will automatically detect the device you’re using and adjust the interface accordingly. The music, in other words, is put front stage. Whatever device you pick-­‐up, your tabs and favorites are there for you, right where you left off. The result is a completely new and innovative way to explore new artists and find new songs, whether you’re listening to your music on your pc, laptop, mobile, tablet or even your Xbox.

Microsoft - 22tracks Twitter3

Lastly, the site takes advantage of many features in Windows that make it feel like an app: you can pin your favorite tracks to the Windows Start Screen, share tracks using the Charm Bar, or save and listen to a track later using the Reading List app in Windows. Can’t stop listening to that one new favorite song? Easily download it from a wide variety of music stores, including Xbox Music.

With the new website, 22tracks joins the ranks of other Rethink Experiences like Red Bull Rampage, Hover and Contre Jour in pushing the limits of what’s possible on the web today by using IE11 and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

We’re proud to say the 22tracks we all love is ready for the future of online music and we encourage you to take a look for yourself at The website runs smoother, the design is fresher and the funk, well, funkier. So whether it’s the newest craze or your city’s local gem, with the new 22tracks all the latest songs and artists are literally at your fingertips. Anytime, anywhere and on any device. It’s new music: the easy way.

Video of the day #953 #954 #955

With one touch of his effects pedal, singer Kip Berman from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart transforms his band into five intergalactic heartthrobs in their new video “Until The Sun Explodes”.


Kylie Minogue is not going to stay home. She thrusts herself into the throng for her new video “I Was Gonna Cancel” because you will never know unless you go go go go.


Fire breaks out all over the place in “The Rule”, the new video from Boston musician Faces on Film. Just as quickly, the rain takes care of everything.

Video of the day #948 #949 #950 #951 #952

Dutch vocal group ADAM thought of a great gimmick for their new video “Go to Go”. Watch the women sing their song while they have an orgasm, and try not to smile with them.


A local horror TV show host does his shtick in “Every Time the Sun Comes Up”, the new video from American singer Sharon Van Etten. There’s even an animated video-in-the-video.


There’s this guy in Ukraine who goes by the name of Mustang Wanted and he has no fear of heights. At all. Maybe you’ve seen one of his insane videos on YouTube, but here he is climbing buildings and cranes in Belgrado for “Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain)”, the new video from Austrian duo Klangkarussell. Do not try this yourself. Please.



A woman is having a rendez-vous with a man in a hotel room, while another man is desperately trying to find her in “Jetzt Weinst Du” (‘now you cry’), the dramatic new video from German duo KOLT.


After a predictably disappointing (and nastily violent) night at a local bar, Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield is given new confidence by a group of dancing men. They send him out to an Arcade Fire concert, ready to walk on stage for “We Exist”.

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